One of life’s most visceral moments is the birth of a new human – a new expression of consciousness. Yet how do we often herald this auspicious moment? We are compelled to quantify and validate their presence on this plane of reality.

“Our precious baby came into the world today – 6 lbs., 4 oz., 20 inches long. Their name is [x] and they are a girl/boy.”

Isn’t this peculiar?

We come into the world, our parent(s) knowing only four things about us: our name, weight, length, and assigned gender. We have no stories and are not accomplished in any way. We enter this reality on equal footing with royals, tycoons, shopkeepers, and farmers; we take up space, alone.

Beginning with only physical dimensions to our name – the specific details of our little package of matter: a collapsed wave function made real through observation – our journey begins.

The rest, unfortunately, is determined by our genes, our family’s legacy, our zip code and geographical location, the quality of the care we receive, our schooling, the people around us. Whether we succeed or fail, become notable or fade into the mists of history, survive or thrive – is a cosmic lottery and a product of the people and support around us.

Upon death, we recycle back into the cosmos – our friends and/or family serving as witnesses to our existence. Within three generations, most all of us will be forgotten, replaced by new incarnations of consciousness and experience.

What will you do with your window of opportunity? 






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