16179315_10158089289815402_1577081282181813762_oThe New Mind Times is continually born as a medium to wander, seek, and ask. A refuge for whirling minds, a frenetic and disorganized mess for the consummate questioner – this project bears witness to the times in which we live and seeks patterns and subtle meaning, if any exist at all. May we journey with voracious curiosity and radical openness together.

The principal author (pictured at right) is a life-long seeker and aspiring shaman of the zeitgeist. Of course, such grandiose aspirations are rarely met, but their childhood in the American South and rural Appalachia instilled within them the desire to question, expand, and remake themselves again and again and again. They share their thoughts, vulnerabilities, and aspirations with you – dear reader – in hopes they might spark some kinship in the journey of living life with you, as global citizens of the 21st century.